Admission & Enrollment

2017-2018 Online Enrollment

Online Enrollment

CFBISD will use online enrollment to facilitate the registration / enrollment process for ALL students, current and new to the district. By utilizing online enrollment, parents no longer need to wait in lines to fill out paper forms at the campus to enroll their child. Additionally, online enrollment helps CFBISD reduce paper waste, while creating a convenient, fast, and accurate online enrollment experience at your fingertips.

All students (current and new to the district) will be required to register online.  Identification and residency documentation for students enrolling in CFBISD for the first time are required to be provided to the campus.  You can enroll online at

Required documentation for new students:
  • Immunization record
  • Birth certificate or similar document that shows the student’s identity, legal name, and age.
  • A copy of the student’s records from the school the student most recently attended
  • Current utility bill (i.e. electric, water, gas) or cable bill
  • Lease/contract or mortgage or closing contract from the builder, or tax statement that shows your recent payment on the house
  • Texas driver’s license or Texas Department of Transportation ID card for guardian. If the guardian is not a licensed driver in Texas nor has the person obtained a TXDOT ID card, other photo ID will be considered in combination with the birth certificate or passport of the guardian.

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