Perry Middle School Library

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Melanie Freeman

Library Hours
Monday-Friday 8:00am – 4:25pm

Checkout Policy
The checkout period for all grades is three weeks.
6th-8th grade: two book checkout

*Students may check out an extra book as needed per teacher’s request.

Library Schedule
The library operates on a fixed/flexible schedule.
All grades have biweekly scheduled library visits.
Additionally, classes can be scheduled in the library for projects or research.
Students may check out books during open times.

There are overdue fines.  Fines begin two weeks after a book is late at $.50 cents with an additional $.05 cent charge per day after.

Additional Information

Specialty Mornings:

  • Makerspace Monday- time to create
  • Tech Tuesday-games and coding
  • Winding Down Wednesday-take a step back and take a breath
  • Thinking Thursday-study hall
  • Free Friday