Grades & UIL Eligibility

First Semester Key Dates & Important Information.

INC = Incomplete and can only be given for absences.

Can a student’s grade be changed for eligibility?

After a failing grade has been recorded, the situations in which a student’s grade may be changed to passing and eligibility restored are only as follows:

(a) an examination or course grade issued by a classroom teacher is final and may not be changed unless the grade is arbitrary, erroneous, or not consistent with school district grading policy, as determined by the board of trustees. The board’s decision may not be appealed.

Extra credit work or work (including re-test) turned in after the grading period or evaluation has ended may not be considered when determining a student’s eligibility for extracurricular activities except in the case of an “Incomplete” grade discussed above. According to Section 21 (e), the superintendent of a member school district shall provide the district executive committee with full disclosure when a student’s grade, given by a teacher, is modified by an administrator in such a manner that affects UIL eligibility.