Exam Schedule

Exam Information:
Semester examinations are comprehensive and count for twenty (20) percent of the semester grade.

At least twenty (20) percent of the exam grade should be based on essay questions or performance evaluations.  An extensive essay test or performance evaluation may be given prior to the final exams for grading purposes.

  • Exams may not be given early.
  • Classes will attend their regular lunch assignments.
  • Class parties, movies, food, etc are not appropriate for exams week.
  • Advisory 12:04-1:00 (May31st & June 1st)
  • Lunch on May 31st & June1st
    • 6th 12:04-12:30 (eat in classroom)
    • 7th 12:04-12:30 (eat in classroom)
    • 8th 12:35-1:00 (dismissed from cafeteria)
  • 3 Exams on Tuesday
  • 2 Exams on Wednesday
  • 2 Exams on Thursday

Tuesday, May 30th  (1st,5th,8th)
1st  9:00am-10:24am
3rd  10:28am-10:46am
4th  10:50am-12:28pm

A Lunch 10:50-11:20 (6th grade)
B Lunch 11:24-11:54 (7th grade)
C Lunch 11:58-12:28 (8th grade)

5th  12:32pm-1:56pm
6th  2:00pm-2:18pm
7th  2:22pm-2:40pm
8th  2:44pm-4:15pm

Wednesday, May 31 (3rd & 4th Exams)
3rd  9:00am-10:28am
4th  10:32am-12:00pm
2nd 12:04pm-1:00pm (Advisory – lunch)

Thursday, June 1 (6th & 7th Exams)
6th  9:00am-10:28am
7th  10:32am-12:00pm
2nd  12:04pm-1:00pm (Advisory – lunch)