Welcome to Art!
What is going on in the Art classroom?  This semester we will be exploring the IB global contexts (identities and relationships, orientation in space and time, personal and cultural expression, scientific and technical innovation, globalization and sustainability, and fairness and development) through the idea of Community. Students will investigate the idea of community, their role and impact, and why it is a relevant and important idea to discuss.

In the Art classroom, we are able to travel the world, explore our imaginations, express ourselves, and critically examine a myriad of complex ideas through various media. We have the distinct opportunity to learn about historical artifacts from different cultures and time periods, as well as, examine various art movements and artists which helped create the Art world as it is known today.

Students will be encouraged and supported to explore their artistic imaginations by creating original works of art. They will become advocates and champions of critically viewing and discussing their own visual art, in addition to, the art created by others. Whether investigating and problem solving artistic solutions individually or collaboratively, throughout the semester, students at Barbara Bush Middle School will become more aware, more confident, and more intrinsically motivated to create meaningful works of art.


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