Science/Engineering Pathway

Science & Engineering Pathway emblem

Welcome to the Newman Smith High School Science/Engineering Pathway.

Newman Smith High School in Carrollton, Texas has a mission to graduate competent individuals prepared to contribute to our global economy.  A vital part of this mission is providing pathways toward careers through real-world experiences.  In order for students in our Science/Engineering Pathway to achieve in college and the labor force, the standard of preparedness must be keen. Real world learning experiences, like the one provided by the Ford Motor Company, are priceless in this endeavor. We hope to strengthen our partnerships with others to achieve our mission.

Megan DeLong is the STEM Coordinator Newman Smith High School. She has a mechanical engineering degree from the United States Naval Academy with a Spanish minor.  Before joining the Science and Engineering Pathway she taught Mathematics at Newman Smith High School.  Her goal is to spark student’s interest in STEM fields through project based learning with real world applications.

Ms. Jackson, an Assistant Principal at Newman Smith, is the Science and Engineering Pathway Director. Her responsibility is to bring new students to the pathway and provide exploratory learning opportunities for our students to expose them to a variety of science and engineering prospects beyond our walls.

On behalf of the Newman Smith staff, we welcome you and look forward to serving you.

Meaghan DeLong
STEM Coordinator

L. Dai Jackson
Director of Science Engineering Pathway