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April Rivas

Library Hours
Monday-Friday 7:45-4:00

Checkout Policy

  • Each student may check out up to 3 books at a time, however, extra books may be checked out as needed for special projects or research.
  • The checkout period for all grades is three weeks. Students who need additional time may renew their book for an additional three week period.

Library Schedule

  • The library operates on a flexible schedule. This means that teachers may schedule to come in whenever they need and as often or as little as they like. Classes do not come in on a regular rotating basis.
  • Many classes are scheduled in the library for lessons, projects, or research in addition to time for checking out books.
  • Students may visit the library during open times:
    • Before or after school
    • With a pass at lunch (the lunch hours rotate weekly)
    • During class with a pass from the teacher

There are no fines at RHS but students must pay for lost or damaged books.  Any student unable to pay for overdue fines may work off their fine in off hours in the library.

Additional Information
Make sure to take advantage of all of the amazing resources available through the library such as computers, printers, books, databases, and magazines. If you ever need help, please don’t hesitate to ask the librarian!

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