Community Service

Mustang Soccer serving the community.

soccer team of creekview high school giving a child a tricycle











On December 22th 2014, for a second consecutive year, our boys’ soccer program worked for 6 hours unpacking and delivering donated toys and household items to needy families in the Carrollton-Farmers Branch area apartment communities. The children living in these neighborhoods were a bit hesitant about coming to a school bus giving away toys at first. Once word got around the apartments though, kids and their mothers came from all directions. Many times families in these neighborhoods are barely making enough to pay the rent and to put food on the table. Getting gifts during this time of year is often not an option. The boy’s time and effort helped make Christmas a reality to many kids and their families. Efforts like this one are engraved in a child’s mind and perhaps someday these students will take similar initiatives in different at at different time. The boys got the opportunity to work together to a common goal, helping out others and finding the right to right for the right child. The tricycle above had been in the bus for most of the trip, finally I asked them “what are you guys going to do with that tricycle” and one of them responded “we’ll find the right person for it coach”. At the end of the trip at an apartment complex near Turner there was a little boy who was late and the only things he had received were some folders and some coloring pencils. So our boys looked at each other and went back inside and came out with the tricycle, the boys’ eyes opened as wide in amazement as he looked at his new toy, I could tell that our boys were proud and the feeling of pride was immense. There was no better way to culminate our evening than with a picture of all of them together. Our mission was over.

Time had passed so fast that we had forgotten about lunch and it was now around 5:00, so we made a run to a nearby pizza place.

A special Thanks to Zulema Martinez for providing the toys, class of 2014 alumni Eleazar Villanueva, and our boys for their hard work and the enthusiasm!