Freeman Elementary Library


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Summer Glover

Library Hours
8:00 AM – 2:55 PM, Monday – Friday

Checkout Policy
Kindergarten:   1 book each week
1st-2nd Grade:  2 books each week
3rd-4th Grade:   3 books every two weeks
5th Grade:        4 books every two weeks

Library Schedule
Monday:          2nd Grade
Tuesday:         1st Grade
Wednesday:    Kindergarten
Thursday:        3rd Grade
Friday:             4th/5th Grade


There are no fines for overdue books; however, students may not check out new books until the old books are returned. Students are responsible for paying for lost or damaged books.

Additional Information

Here are ways you can care for your library books:

  • Keep books clean and dry.
  • Store books in your backpack when you are not reading them.
  • Keep books away from pets and babies.
  • Read books with clean hands.
  • Keep books away from food and drinks.
  • Do not write, color, or draw in books.
  • Be careful turning pages.
  • Always use a bookmark to save your place.
  • Return books on time so others can enjoy them too!

Book Fair
November 26th-December 9th
Online shopping at the link below is open during all of those days.
Students can shop in person from December 5th-9th
Also, we will have a family night on Thursday, December 8th – families can shop from 5-6pm & 7-8 pm (before & after our winter program).