Meet the Counselor

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Ms. Allison Payne
(972) 968-1200
Ext. 1203

Welcome to Carrollton Elementary’s Counselor Corner.

This website has been created to keep students, teachers, and parents informed about the various programs, test dates, and services offered by the counselor.

Various counseling programs and services offered:
Classroom Guidance – These are counseling sessions given to large groups to enrich students’ lives and assist them with social skills in the areas of following rules, responsibility, drug awareness, friendship, gun safety, and violence.


* Food 4 Kids Backpack – Provides snack food for the weekend to kids who, for whatever reason, have little access to food outside of the school environment.  The kids receive a bag with two days worth of snack food, juice, and shelf-stable milk.  The bag is in a back back.  Students take the backpack home on Friday afternoon and return it the following week.  It is refilled every Friday.  None of the food is unhealthy, and none of it needs to be cooked.  It is the North Texas Food Bank and Carrollton Elementary’s teamwork together that provide this program for our qualifying students.

*  Angel Food Network – This is a program that is available to everyone.  Menus are provided each month to every Carrollton Elementary family.  The families can choose what to order from the menu and how they wish to pay.  Payment is also accessible online.  Carrollton Elementary menus are printed from the Carrollton First  Baptist Church’s website primarily because they are the closest provider that offers the most options for payment.

  *  Power Club – a social group for Carrollton kids in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades to get together once a week with a different staff member while practicing manners, being polite, and working in groups.  These groups are supervised by a different teacher each week:  Coach Erickson – Physical Education;  Mrs. Payne – Music.  The kids had a wonderful time last year and hope they will do so again this year.

  *  Long-Term Counseling – is offered at the Family Tree Program at (940) 387-7517 or (888) 837-0666 and is free.

  *  Gifted and Talented – State testing takes place every year for grades K-2.  Students may also be recommended for testing by parents and teachers.  Each child is served in this way, and the results of all testing will be sent home.  Should your child be considered for this program, we will automatically notify you for permission to conduct further testing in this exciting area.