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Black History

-Black History MonthO’ia-da International Inc

LCE connected with a school in Ghana. Their technology and presentation knocked our socks off!
This event was indeed a treat for all – amazing connection, top notch educational experience for us all!  I thank you for including our school!

-Natasha Grider/Las Colinas Elementary School Librarian

WOW! And that word really does not do justice to the classroom students in Ghana. They were so professional and articulate! Great presentation, songs, and questions. Please relay our appreciation to them and their teacher. Our students learned a lot and enjoyed the Q & A session and the ability to interact with students thousands of milesaway. Thomas Friedman wrote a book a few years back called “The World is Flat” and with today’s technology and events like this…we certainly are neighbors playing in a flattened world.THANKS so much for providing this WONDERFUL opportunity to our students.

-Richard Sands – Telepresence CFBISD

Glacier Nation Park
Glacier National Park(Free) National Park Ranger show the students beauty and wildlife of  Glacier National Park. Students “kayak” virtually on the water as they learn about the park and it’s inhabitants. Distance Learning site Click here

Intrepid Museum

Distance learning experiences at the Intrepid Museum bring the historic WWII ship and Museum’s collections to classrooms, libraries and senior centers all over the country. During program sessions audiences learn through inquiry, experimentation, discussion and examination of historical documents and photographs. Topics discussed include the USS Intrepid’s cruises, day-to-day life aboard a ship and the laws of flight. Virtual Investigations are great ways to learn more about science, history and technology for those who are not able to visit the Museum.

MILK- from Cow to Cartoon

(Free) ” The average American is three generations removed from the farm and does not have a clear understanding of where their food and fiber come from.” -American Farm Bureau

Kings County Office of Education in partnership with the Kings County Farm Bureau have created a highly interactive program intended to create awareness among your students how milk travels from the cows on a dairy farm, to the cartons at our local grocery stores.Historical and current pictures, video, discussion, and activities during the videoconference help tell the incredible story of The Journey of Milk.
Perot Museum
Perot MuseumTapping into the world of expertise that the Perot Museum of Nature and Science has to offer has never been easier! Our engaging ScienceCast programs give you and your class the opportunity to interact with our knowledgeable instructors in real time as our TEKS-aligned programs capture the interest and imagination of your students
Read Around the Planet
Read Around the Planet (RAP)
Celebration of reading and Dr. Seuss’s birthday. February 23-March 6 2015
You and another classroom share a selected story and learn about each other local and interests. Let us know and we will register you and schedule you event.
Royal Tyrell Museum

Royal Tyrrell Museum

(Fee Around $125 Can) is Canada’s only museum dedicated exclusively to the science of paleontology.
On a personal note: Fantastic interactive presentation. Knock down curriculum as well as technically and interactively presented.
Distance Learning Site and to view example Click here
Texas Wildlife Association
(Free-via Connect2Texas Website) TWA increases natural resource literacy and promotes conservation and educational programs that connect Texans to the land.
On a personal note: GREAT teacher resources (physical as well as text materials). Usually interactive and great curriculum.
Critter Connections (A MUST SUBSCRIPTION)
Takes only a second to fill out and your class will recieve 25 copies (4 times a year) to this wonderful magazine.
I hope your first week or two of school has been great! I wanted to let you know that our free Texas Wildlife Association educational programs for the fall semester are in full swing now and many are starting to fill up!  More than half of our trunks are already booked for the fall semester and many of the classroom presentations are starting to get reserved. A big thanks to those of you who have already booked programs and are helping to bring natural resource  literacy to all children!
Our Discovery Trunks are full of exciting materials including animal skulls, pelts, feathers, lessons, activities, books and much more for the teacher/team to use for two full weeks! All of the materials are hands-on and TEKS aligned. You can reserve a trunk with our new online system by visiting or, if you prefer, I will be happy to book the trunk/s of your choice.
The Wildlife by Design program is an opportunity to have me come to your classroom with interactive wildlife and natural resource based curriculum, activities and demonstrations. The kids learn about native Texas wildlife, natural resources, animal adaptations, habitats and conservation principles.  Students LOVE the activities and hands-on materials! All presentations are TEKS aligned, grade specific and customizable.

These programs require a reservation and are on a first come, first served bases.I will send you available dates and more information if you are interested, or if you know someone who is please feel free to forward this email. Also, I have attached flyers with additional information for both of these programs.  I am more than happy to answer any questions, and help you and your students get started with these unique hands-on educational programs.

Toni Purnell
Education Programs
Texas Wildlife Association
(817) 637-7938