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Creekview’s Law and Criminal Justice Academy provides opportunities for students to explore various aspects of the American legal system.  Students may choose from the Law or Law Enforcement strands, may compete on our Mock Trial or Moot Court teams, and may study through either the traditional or Dual Credit pathway.  Experiences both in and out of the classroom help students build relationships and leadership skills, critical thinking and reasoning skills, and oral advocacy skills which will be valuable both in the legal profession as well as any career path a student might choose after high school.


“It’s helped me realize that my passion is becoming a lawyer and that I love doing it.”Claudia
“The Law Academy has meant a better future for me because it has got me involved in many fields of the law system outside of school whish is preparing me for the rest of my life.”Nick
“The Law Academy has given me insight to career paths that I would otherwise have been ignorant of until college or possibly forever.”Chloe
“The Law Academy has taught me the laws of life and how to be a law-abiding citizen. It also helps me reach a goal and prepare for college.”Keeyon