Frequently Asked Questions

A group of students from the International business academy on a field trip

**Hey middle schoolers, IBA recruitment starts on November 1!  We are looking forward to seeing you when we come to make presentations at your middle school!**

International Business Academy  
Newman Smith High School

Mission Statement
The mission of the International Business Academy is to give students a foundation in marketing, economics, finance, language and cultural aspects of international business in preparation of their post-secondary study in any field of their choice.

Kathy Holdge, Director

Newman Smith High School 2335 N. Josey Lane Carrollton, TX 75006



Frequently Asked Questions about applying and being accepted in to the International Business Academy:

Can I participate in Band OR Athletics AND be in the IBA?
Can I participate in Band AND Cheerleading AND be in the IBA?
What is the “four core all four years”?
If I get accepted into the IBA and decide to drop the Academy in a year or two, am I allowed to stay at NSHS, even though it is not my “zoned” high school?
How do I take dual/college credit courses?
Do I have to pay for the classes that I take at Brookhaven College? When are the classes offered? Is transportation provided to the Brookhaven campus?
Do you have to complete community service hours for Business Academy requirements?
Do you have to take a foreign language for an IBA requirement?
How often do the IBA classes go on field trips?
Are there certain requirements for dressing up if attending an IBA field trip?
What are the requirements for grades and staying in the IBA?
Are there any costs associated with being in the IBA?
Why would I want to be in the International Business Academy?