What Do Our Students Say?

BioMED Testimonials“The BioMed Academy gave me the opportunity to learn about the health care industry at a young age.  The experiences I had in the academy were priceless.”
– Roberto Puebla ‘16

“I came into BioMed as a shy freshman, not knowing what to expect.  BioMed not only taught me about the medical field, but it helped me become a better person.  BioMed is a great environment for people interested in the medical field.”
– Neha Arora ‘18

BioMed has impacted my life because it has shown me a path that I can take to achieve my medical aspirations.”
-Akash Palshetkar ‘17

Throughout the 4 years of high school,  BioMed opened up opportunities to prepare for college and what I want to do.  It also helped me meet new people and have life- long friendships and memories.”
– Nicolas Requena Torre ‘16