Educational Services

Educational ServicesCurriculum encompasses what we want students to know and be able to do after a specific course of study. The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) provide the roadmap for Texas schools and teachers charged with the responsibility of guiding students on their personal learning journey in grades K-12.

Students are assessed on the TEKS and Student Expectations at checkpoints in grades 3-11 by taking tests referred to as the STAAR test. More information about the TEKS and STAAR is available at

Curriculum & Instruction

Division Community of Learners
The curriculum directors in English Language Arts, mathematics, social studies, and science are working collaboratively with cadres of teachers to design an online curriculum website for CFB. The website articulates the TEKS/STAAR for each course and grade level, provides details about the TEKS to ensure a clear learning target, and includes materials, resources, and website links to assist the teacher in teaching the curriculum.

Content Literacy
Content literacy refers the process of making meaning in a manner that integrates reading, writing, viewing, listening, speaking, and thinking. Content literacy strategies assist students in this endeavor. There is a large body of research that indicates these strategies improve students’ ability to comprehend what they read.

The content literacy strategies are designed around research on schema theory, collaborative setting, metacognition, reading and writing relationship, and constructing meaning. The ultimate goal of content literacy strategy instruction is to assist students in becoming independent readers and thinkers and give them a repertoire of strategies to use when confronted with difficult reading material.